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Which course is for me?

How do I decide which dog grooming training course is for me?

There are two types of dog grooming training courses for you to think about – Qualification or Non-Qualification Dog Grooming Courses. Both types have their own merits, both will train you to groom dogs as a career if you give them your best shot – only one type will provide you with a recognised national qualification! Does this or will this matter to you? Read on …………………….

The Groom For a Living Course (Non- Qualification – suitable for beginners) enables you to acquire the skills and confidence required to start your own grooming business – whether it be from home or suitable premises – or as a mobile groomer. It is a 20 day course which starts with the basics, i.e. bathing and drying and learning how to brush out and prepare the coat prior to styling – and continues through all the grooming skills you would need. Nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking are all included, and you will get to do these things on a daily basis – and as you proceed with your training you will learn how to clip and style a dog – according to its breed, lifestyle and owner’s requirements. At the end of the course you would have the skills required to prepare and style dogs and would be equipped to start a new career as a dog groomer.

On successful completion of the Groom For a Living Course you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. This is your evidence of training with Dapper Dogs Grooming Limited – an approved UK training school!

Looking ahead, there will come a time when Groomers will need to hold a licence to work with live animals in the UK. This requirement is already on the horizon and under scrutiny by both DEFRA and the PET INDUSTRY FEDERATION. These things move slowly and certainly won’t come in to force in a hurry – but it will happen! When it does, groomers with a recognised Qualification will already meet the requirements to be licenced. Those without a recognised qualification will have to provide some recognised evidence of satisfactory and safe practice.

On the plus side, following your Groom For a Living course, you will be able to add a recognised Qualification after 12 months of grooming and 3 – 4 days of further training (at an additional cost) – which will include and prepare you for both the required theory and practical assessments of a qualification course.

Or – should I just do a qualification course from the get-go?

The AIM Level 3 Qualification Courses – including the Diploma course – are ‘stand-alone’ Qualification courses which are recognised on the National Educational Framework and are designed for those who wish to follow a career in grooming with an accredited qualification under their belts at the end of their training.

These courses are also suitable for beginners. They are more theory intensive than non-qualification courses and they require the trainee to complete and present a theory work journal and to pass a practical assessment by grooming a dog from start to finish in the presence of an approved Assessor – sometimes remotely (Zoom). A
Level 3 candidate must also study and gain a Canine First Aid certificate as part of the Qualification.

Throughout your course you will receive daily practical training and advice and help with mandatory homework assignments. You will work upon a variety of breeds and cross breeds throughout your training and will give both photographic and written evidence in your work journal of certain types of dogs you have completed.

Included in Level 3 courses – subject to availability of suitable dogs – is tuition and practice in HAND-STRIPPING. This is a specialised skill which, unfortunately, is also becoming a rarity in many grooming salons. You will gain experience in how to identify the breed and coat type which will benefit from being hand-stripped rather than clipped, and you will have the opportunity to learn and perfect this simple technique. This is not a mandatory part of your qualification for the AIM Level 3 course – but is mandatory for the Level 3 Diploma course.

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